Test Post to see how blog feed aggregation looks.

Here is the body of my post.  Here I might talk about the blog that I’m showing on my site, and a bit about the author.

On this site, I’ve imported some news items from the the princess and the sprig’s blog.  I’ve done this because they’re likely to update frequently, and you’ll see this reflected here.

What follows comes from the blog, but with my font, colours, style, etc.  I’ve chosen to show the headline and the source, date and time – but nothing else.  I could show other stuff, such as the first few lines of each story.  I can limit the number of blog posts I show, too.

[feedzy-rss feeds=”https://princessandthesprog.com/feed/” max=”5″ feed_title=”yes” refresh=”12_hours” meta=”yes” summary=”yes” ]

And that’s it.  I could write some more stuff here, but I won’t.